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Get Your Vehicle Ready for Summer Fun in Mechanicsburg

Winter in Mechanicsburg can often have a brutal effect on your vehicle, from salt damaging the paint finish to increased demand placed on your battery. After the days of frost and ice are over, your car only has a short respite before summer begins, and your car faces an entirely different challenge. Use the mild days of spring to fix any damage incurred during the winter while preparing for the warm days ahead.


If there's a chip or crack in your windshield from a stray piece of gravel, you'll want to get it repaired before it grows larger. Not only does a crack obscure your view of the road ahead, but it can also become a safety hazard if you're in an accident by providing less stability for the roof.


As part of an inspection, a mechanic can check your headlights, taillights and turn signals for any burnt bulbs and replace them. Most drivers spend more time behind the wheel in the summer between their routine driving and vacation road trips, so you'll want to make sure surrounding motorists can see you as you commute from Mifflintown to Harrisburg.


Your battery works hard over the winter, but hot summer temperatures bring an entirely new set of challenges to your battery. If you park in the sun or expose your car to heat on a routine basis, it can actually shorten your battery life. Heat causes a battery to work almost too efficiently, sapping it of its charge or evaporating its electrolyte solution. Your mechanic can run a test to ensure it will be capable of lasting throughout the season and handling increased demand from your air conditioner on startup.


An inspection of your engine for any worn hoses or fraying belts is a good idea, especially if you plan on taking your car for an extended trip. Winter temperatures cause rubber components to become brittle and can increase the likelihood of tears, so it's always a good idea to have an inspection and replacement of any faulty parts.


Whether you have a winter weight oil in your engine or your mileage indicates it's time for a change, replacing your motor oil and filter will keep your engine performing as it should. Clean oil can also improve your gas mileage, perfect if you're planning a long excursion on the highway. Your mechanic can also check your other fluid levels and top them up as needed. Windshield wiper fluid is essential for cleaning in both winter and summer, and it's also important to keep your engine coolant at the appropriate level so your engine doesn't overheat.


Change your winter tires for an all-season or summer tread for better performance on hot roads. Summer tires are formulated to hold up well under the combined friction and baking heat of an asphalt road, providing superior grip when compared to a winter tread. It's a good idea to rotate your tires if you're not planning on switching them for a dedicated summer set. Heat increases the likelihood of a blowout, especially when paired with a tire that has uneven wear patterns.

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If you're in Carlisle or York, PA, visit Brenner Family of Dealerships for everything you need to erase the effect winter has had on your vehicle and to get it ready for summer. If you happen to have had a fender bender while traversing slippery roads, our collision repair specialists can restore your vehicle to like-new appearance. Whether it's an oil change or a new set of tires, our technicians adhere to manufacturer guidelines and use factory quality parts and additives whenever possible. Bring your car to us for the very best care, and your vehicle will be ready for whatever comes your way this summer.

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