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This Winter, Protect Your Vehicle's Undercarriage

You don't want your vehicle to be damaged by anything, especially when it's a problem that's easy to prevent. One common way that people experience damage to their undercarriage is through road salt corrosion, which is a nasty way to find out you have some expensive repairs coming in. 

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Tailgating Season Means Time To Service Your Vehicle

Are you ready for fall tailgating season? Before you finish packing your essentials and heading out, be sure that your truck is ready to go too. Bring it in to Brenner Collision Centers in Mifflintown and Mechanicsburg to have its fall servicing and maintenance performed and then all you have to do is enjoy the good food and friends.

Here are a few more tips to make game day go smoothly.

  • Empty a drink case and line it with two garbage bags and use it as a throw away trash can.
  • Cover some bricks with tinfoil and place them in…
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Identifying Signs of a Misaligned Car

At Brenner Collision Centers, we understand that poorly aligned wheels can create a variety of issues in a vehicle. From causing uneven tire wear to making the steering wheel vibrate while you're driving, a misaligned car can make for an uncomfortable ride and create dangerous situations.

Having the alignment of a car or truck checked whenever you take it to a shop for an oil change can make it easy to remember to have it done. Wheels can be thrown out of alignment from a variety of incidents ranging from off-road driving to hitting a curb. If you notice…

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