As your vehicle ages, the plastic casing that houses the headlights begins to degrade and cloud, leaving you less able to see the road at night. This process happens slowly, but suddenly one day how wonder how you’ve driven with those cloudy lights. Getting those headlights to look like new again is something you can do on your own.

The simplest way to restore your headlights is through a restoration kit as these have all of the elements you need to complete the job. You may already own some, which include masking tape, sandpaper, polishing compound, paste wax, and a UV sealant.

Start by washing and drying the headlights and the surrounding area, and then tape the area around them to protect the paint. Sand the headlight surface and then wipe and dry them again. Finish by polishing and waxing the headlight surfaces. Contact Brenner Collision Centers for more information on headlight restoration.