Scratches and dings can detract from your once beautiful car. Getting rid of the scratch does not need to empty a bank account. Unless the damage is deep and serious, applying touch-up paint could be enough to fix things.

Don't make the typical mistake of using the touch-up paint without reading the directions. You’ll ruin things if you skip the necessary steps. Cleaning the surface is essential, and the step must be done twice. Clean it both before and after sanding the surface. Don’t sand the surface too hard, and be sure to use the right level of grit.

Use the VIN number or color code to figure out the right shade of paint. Mismatched paint leads to a disastrous look. Leave fixing deep dents to a collision shop, as touch -up paint won’t do much to improve damage.

If you’re looking for repair work or routine service in Mechanicsburg or Mifflintown, PA, call up the service department at Brenner Collision Centers. Our team wants to help you out.

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