As the rain increases during the spring and summer, wet roads can cause unsafe driving conditions. At Brenner Collision Center in Mechanicsburg and Mifflintown, we want our customers to stay safe when they are driving in the rain, so follow these tips next time you're caught in wet weather.

First and foremost, it is important to check that the taillights, headlights, turn signals, and brake lights are functioning properly. You should also check your vehicle's tire depth and inflation to ensure they maintain good traction on wet roads.

While cruise control is a handy feature, it should be avoided in wet conditions. Losing control of your vehicle in the rain will increase if you are using cruise control. In addition, try to slow down during wet weather to reduce the chance of hydroplaning. Even at speeds as low as 35 mph, new tires can still lose contact with the road when it's raining.

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