Four-wheel drive consistently serves as a selling point for scores of vehicles. Someone who never purchased a 4WD model before may be thinking of owning one. Engaging a particular four-wheel drive mode isn't something done without careful consideration. Specific times generally call for certain 4WD.

Be aware that there are two types of four-wheel drive: high and low. High four-wheel drive (four-high) is fine during normal driving at times when a little extra traction would be beneficial. For example, during inclement weather, four-high (4H) drive could lend an appreciated assist.

Sometimes, road conditions might turn especially difficult. At this point, four-low (4L) may be advisable. Snow, rocky roads, and various other hazards could be mitigated somewhat from 4L drive. No, four-low can't eliminate all risks, but it provides at least a helping hand.

The only way to know how 4WD handles is by taking a car or truck out for a test drive in Mifflintown and Mechanicsburg, PA. Come by our showroom at Brenner Collision Center and do so.

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