Our team in Mechanicsburg and Mifflintown, PA know first hand the importance of packing a roadside emergency kit. We believe that it better to be safe than sorry, and we try to make sure all of our customers are properly educated on how to best handle a breakdown.

One of the most important tools you can have in your kit is a pair of jumper cables. These cables will allow you to jump-start your vehicle and drive it to the service center. Another essential tool to keep in your vehicle is a spare tire. If you do not have room for a spare tire in your vehicle, make sure you have a can of fix-a-flat. This will make it so you are not stranded because of a blowout.

If you want to learn more about roadside emergency kits, you can stop by the service center at Brenner Collision Center. Our expert staff can tell you all of the tools to keep in your vehicle, along with being able to perform an inspection on your vehicle if you feel it needs one.

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