Foul odors can make any trip rather unpleasant. Whether you’re running errands in Mechanicsburg, PA or on vacation, you need fresh air. Fortunately, there are several easy ways to clear the air inside your vehicle.

While it may seem obvious, discarding any trash in your vehicle can cut out foul odors. Coffee is no longer a morning favorite when spoiled cream fumes waft through your cabin. Other prime suspects for putrid scents include fast-food wrappers and even bits of food. Use your vacuum to be certain you get all of the crumbs.

If a stale odor still lingers, you can quickly and safely improve the smell of your vehicle. For added freshness and a healthier alternative to the morning caffeine jolt, place citrus peels throughout your vehicle. Check out the freshest looking and smelling vehicles during a Brenner Collision Center test drive.

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