If you have a vehicle with four-wheel drive, you get enhanced grip on slippery surfaces. However, to make the most out of your four-wheel-drive system, you'll need to know when to use 4H and when to use 4L, and we can help at Brenner Collision Center in Mifflintown or Mechanicsburg, PA. Read on to learn when it's best to use 4L and when it's best to use 4H.

4L (4-Low) is best for when the conditions of the road are challenging, such as when you're driving on a significantly steep grade or black ice. When you're in 4L, you don't need to drive over 10 mph. If you feel the need to drive faster than 10 mph, then your vehicle may be able to handle the terrain without being in 4L.

Drivers use 4H more than 4L, and 4H allows you to drive at faster speeds. 4-High is meant to enhance traction on surfaces that are wet, rocky, and muddy while enabling you to drive up to 55 mph.

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