When someone chooses to buy a previously owned vehicle, the new owner has the opportunity to see the vehicle's history report. The records include information provided by the state DMV, insurance companies and law enforcement agencies. The document offers a detailed look at events that occurred while the vehicle was owned, which may be invaluable to the new owner.

Some of the extensive information contained within the history includes the vehicle identification number, the make, model and year of the car, truck or SUV along with a physical description. The report also includes engine information, safety features, and NHTSA ratings.

Information that might be of interest to potential new owners includes if the vehicle was involved in any collisions, the extent of the damage and repairs performed. The report details the people who owned the vehicle, retail value and any recall alerts. If in the market for a new or used vehicle, stop by our Mechanicsburg, PA Brenner Pre-Owned facility and take a test drive.

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