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If you and your new car have ever been in a fender-bender in Carlisle or you've had a friend or family member get into a worse accident in York with a new truck, you might have come across us in your search for collision repair services. You were probably relieved to find out that, as we've been serving the greater Mechanicsburg and Mifflintown areas for two decades now, we aren't like other auto body shops. Now that you've decided to consider us for your auto repair needs, you're interested in learning more about what we do. Discover just some of the many services we offer, right here!

Laser Measuring

Eyeballing a car or truck for visible damage only goes so far. There can be a lot more going on under the proverbial hood. Our high-tech, state-of-the-art laser measurement process identifies structural problems otherwise invisible during a walkaround, helping us devise more efficient and faster repair plans. That gets you back on the road in no time, with far less of a chance of revisiting past wounds.

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Frame Restoration

Rust and other component deterioration happen, whether they're the results of an accident or just plain Mother Nature. Not to worry; our expert auto service technicians have you covered. We'll sand down and polish any affected areas to remove corrosion, not to mention any peeling paint. Then, we'll put on a fresh coat and rust-proof every surface, once more making your vehicle as durable as it once was.

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Surface Repairs

On the world's highways, down its back roads, in its parking lots, and across its crowded urban thoroughfares, there are hazards around every corner. One wrong turn, parking space wedge-in, traffic backup, or stretch of rough pavement, and you can end up with the inevitable dent or ding, light scratch or ugly rash. We've got the tools and the talent to fix them. We'll do paintless dent repair where possible, and use a host of leading-edge tech otherwise to restore your car's looks to their original state.

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Body Panel Replacement

Sometimes what seems like superficial damage can conceal bigger problems, like metal decay, and that can spread to other areas. Some panels that can't otherwise be repaired, determined to be beyond saving, require replacement. We'll remove your old panel and put on a new one with the proper tools and hardware to get the job done right the first time.

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Glass, Light and Mirror Replacement

A clear view, both of what's in front of you and what's behind, is just about the most important thing for a driver. Busted mirrors are a problem on the face of things: they all but directly prevent it. Moreover, a dead head, tail, or brake bulb might go unnoticed, leading to visibility issues both for you and for other drivers trying to figure out your intentions in traffic. Chipped or cracked glass, on the other hand, can adversely affect everything from your airbag system and seatbelt network to the stability of your car or truck's roof during an accident, believe it or not. Those fixes, however, are second nature to us.

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Mechanical Repairs and Replacements

When you get into an accident, more than your vehicle's body can be affected. After that collision in Carlisle, did you suddenly see oil spots or slicks left behind when pulling out of a parking space? You might have a crack in a line. Did your crash in York cause steering or braking issues, or are you beginning to overheat? Do you have a related leak? Those systems and your coolant network are closed, so you'll want to get them looked at. If you're having electrical issues, they can span the gamut from a blown fuse to a problematic ignition coil, failing spark plug, or wiring short, and more significant power problems can be difficult to find. That's a job for our pros. We'll diagnose and repair any other problems that might arise, in-cabin, under your hood, bumper to bumper, helping you get back on the road with confidence.

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If you've got further questions, or you're looking to learn even more about who we are and what we do, feel free to call our Mechanicsburg service center on Carlisle Pike or our location at Parkside Court in Mifflintown. You can even cut to the chase and schedule a service appointment; we'll be happy to bring you in for an in-person consultation and to talk shop. We look forward to meeting you!

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